Burrito Cravings

This weekend I had this out of control craving for a burrito from one the two most awesome burrito chains around. Those two chains would of course be Qdoba and Chipotle. Now I have been to both over the past 4 years, but the visits have always had long breaks in between. When I say long breaks I mean long, like almost a year long. This might just be due to there not being one in close proximity to me in general. Going to one from my home base would take about 30 minutes. This might also be due to my stinginess with paying for actual eat out food as I am partial to packing lunch to save money. From my experience I could never remember a difference between the two chains other than the obvious names and logos. I remember both as having the same choices for their giant burritos and that they were made in the same style. Anyway I was in Philadelphia this weekend which brought me close to many chains of each restaurant  and it’s been a while since I ate out so to quench my craving I decided to eat at one.

Now the question was which place should I go to? My girlfriend is vegan so I went to each website to look and see what she would be able to eat and what she wouldn’t. Chipotle had vegan information and Qdoba didn’t, so that was the deciding factor. Qdoba could have been just as vegan or more vegan for all I know, but it wasn’t on their website so they lost the head to head battle for my visit. That goes to show you how having more detail and information on your website is something that can grab you that extra business. I could say the same about my bike purchase. The website I eventually bought from had the most images and specific details. Others sites that had too many unknowns and missing information that was important to me were skipped over. So let that be a lesson to businesses out there, the more information you can provide, the better, That is, unless you’re trying to hide something. Then, shame on you.

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