Bye Summer

The season felt like it changed this week. Instead of stepping outside into heat, I was stepping outside and quickly stepping back inside to get a sweatshirt. As the weather and temperature changes with the seasons, so does everyone’s attire. It feels like way too soon, I will be wearing a coat again and driving home in the dark. Plus, it’s rained soooo much this summer, that I have barely gotten to enjoy the outdoors as much as I would have liked to on my weekends off.

With winter though comes the holiday season, which is always quite enjoyable. I mean, who doesn’t like Christmas (other than Scrooge)?  There’s happy people, family get-togethers, lots of good food, and gift-giving. What’s not to like? For DDA the return of Fall should mean the busy season. So the staff limbers up their fingers for a needed rush of work in flash animation, custom programming, videography, copywriting, digital photography, graphic design, and much more.