Change for Recovery

The economy has certainly recovered from its horrific lows, but that doesn’t mean we are safe. We are being partly held up by all of the governmental support that was injected into the system. It may have put us into record debt, but it stalled our free fall for the time being. Sadly the problems that got us there have not all been corrected and the road to full recovery looks like it teeters on a thin line between inflation and deflation.

Our economy has changed for good for this generation and I don’t see it as a bad thing entirely. The age of Americans spending on credit and racking up the debt is nowhere near what it used to be. It’s partly because bank lending is tighter and partly because Americans finally need to watch where their money goes for once, since they’re beginning to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. So while things in the economic world may never be at the level they used to be, it’s nice to hear that some people are actually saving money instead of impulse-buying and spending in unnecessary excess that maxes out their credit cards. We are a nation of excess and waste and it’s sickening sometimes. Might I point out the Hummer and what an abomination that was. We’re no longer churning out the H2 thanks to the recession because Americans reacted to their wallets.

Maybe it’s time to reign in our spending and live within our means. So while our budgets may be tighter, we still need to go about our daily business. While you are doing so, try to do your own part to help our economic recovery. All you have to do is try to buy American. Do that and we’ll keep the money within our citizens’ pockets. All of this outsourcing is just putting our money in other countries’ hands. It’s easy to outsource because it makes your product cheaper in a competitive market, but it hurts us all in the long run. So it’s on the shoulders of the consumers to send a message to businesses and only buy American-made products. Spend the extra couple dollars and show support for your country.

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