Change We Can Believe In

The revised health care bill has passed finally and even though party lines are still unbelievably stubborn, a significant change has been made that will go down in history. By 2014, Americans will be required to have health care. There are tons of other changes that are also being phased in over the coming years that will hopefully reduce the money-wasting in the health care industry. Astronomical costs that we face now due to the current system we have in the US need to change and hopefully these measures will help with that. Also, people with pre-existing conditions cannot be turned down for healthcare which is a noble new policy that finally puts people ahead of profit. That’s how it should be. Plenty of other countries do health care the right way so what took us so long? Our health care should be available for all as a right and the country should have the citizen’s health as the priority. They should not be leaving it up to the profit seekers to determine who is eligible. There is over-testing and wasteful spending currently on anyone who goes to a hospital and has insurance just so more profit can be made. The insurance companies in turn have had to become defensive and raise rates to keep up with hospitals and turn their own profit. Finally I’ve seen some of the promised change take place. Next on the agenda of change is to fix that horribly misnamed “No Child Left Behind” law where you leave behind the children that need help the most in a rich get richer, while poor get poorer type of fashion.

I wonder if the children would learn more if they were taught with DDA eLearning applications. We could develop online applications to meet any need or help teach any subject. I’m not suggesting that we replace live teachers, but people can use eLearning for many things. We already have made eLearning applications for several medical courses and anyone else can have one too. We can take care of the whole process. The graphic design, advanced programming, flash animation, training video, and copywriting can all be done in one place.