Check Them All Out

My parents bought a new car recently, well a new used car of course. When deciding what car to get there were many factors that were taken into consideration. One was obviously price and how good of a deal they could get on it. There was also mileage and how much kick the car would have left. Any warranties would help. They wanted something with 4-wheel drive, especially as of late since we’ve had so much snow, which made driving conditions much more of a challenge. They wanted good crash test ratings for the safety of anyone inside it. They also wanted a lot of cargo room so we wouldn’t have to rent a van or SUV every time one of my brothers needed to be shipped back and forth from college. So with all of these criteria, a long search, and some wheeling and dealing on price, my parents finally decided on one that best fit their needs and constraints. They purchased a 2005 Saturn Vue. Ooooo! Ahhhh! Shiny! There are tons of cars and dealers out there and my parents did the right thing by taking their time to check out everything to get the right match for them.

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