Checkin’ it twice

We’re making our sites and we’re checking them twice, or more.

DDA always puts out quality products whenever we finish a piece of work. This is due in part to our extensive proofing system. Whenever we make anything, it will get a once over by numerous people throughout the company who all have different viewpoints and qualities. This confirms that what is finally decided upon will be the best solution and it will be working flawlessly.

Let’s say that we are adding a new contact form, using ColdFusion, to a website. After we get all the initial information that the client wants this form to deliver, I start making the form.

Many things can be missed when programming, usually due to oversights in what a user might input. That is why we test and test again, inputting strange data in all the fields and confirming that everything works as it should.

I initially have the email sent to myself and I may receive 50 emails from testing before the client will ever see one, just because we will not send it out until it is flawless. After creating the form, and doing my own testing, a designer may take a look at it for aesthetics, a writer will proof the text, and someone other than me will again test the functionality, while all being overseen by David.

After any work goes through this gauntlet of checking, David will get the final say. All of these perspectives from all of these different people makes the final product that we put out a unique one that allows everyone to gladly hang their hat on it and be proud that we made it.