I found out about a fun little website called It is laid out in a very basic looking format. It kind of looks like google’s homepage but with some advertisements stuck in there. What you’re supposed to do is just chat with cleverbot. It is an artificial intelligence program that can talk back to you.  Apparently it won the 2010 Machine Intelligence Competition. All you do is start talking to it by typing in the text box and clicking the “Think About It!” button. Then Cleverbot will think and respond to what you said. You can also click the “Think For Me!” button if you can’t think of anything to say and want Cleverbot to respond to itself. The “Thoughts So Far” button will just display your whole conversation in a new window. It isn’t a perfect application by any means, but sometimes it can say some funny stuff. I’ve actually seen some spelling errors in its responses, which is just odd. I’m not sure what language it was programmed in or if it’s still learning from conversations it has currently, but it’s a nice piece of advanced programming.

Things like Cleverbot are amazing feats of programming and make it seem even more possible that those wild visions of the future may come true. The future where robots are very real and take over many of the jobs we have today. It may happen that some time in the near future you will be getting your fast food order taken by a robot or you may even be chauffeured by a robot driver. It’s kind of scary and kind of cool at the same time. It all of course brings about worries of the Terminator scenario where the machines begin to think for themselves and start a robot revolution to exterminate the human race. It would probably be quite a while until something like that would happen though. I’ll let the future generations worry about that.

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