Yesterday for me was one of those awesome days here where everything clicks together. I was completely in the zone and was churning out the stuff I needed to finish on a flash programming project. This was the same project that had me stuck for a while on an unknown error as I talked about yesterday. Now that that bridge has been crossed, I was able to focus on the actual remaining functionality involved and fortunately everything was clicking and I was moving at super-speed. It’s a good feeling. There are always those days that go the other way too where your mind is just stuck or there is a problem holding you back and those days end up feeling more stressful. In the end these days will even each other out.

I’m sure that the other non-programmer DDA members have these types of days as well, but in different forms. Our copywriters might get writer’s block and be struggling to put words down, or the words could be spouting out faster than they can write them. Our graphic designers might be struggling to find the right look, or they might hit the nail on the head their first try. Our video editors might be scrambling to create the perfect transitions, or they might have the perfect vision in their heads before they even start.

Everyone has up and down days along with their average days throughout the year, but when you are having one of those days where everything clicks it will feel like one of the best work days of the year.