Close to Christmas

My two younger brothers are both back at home from college. My sister is arriving tonight from North Carolina. The whole family will be together again and that means that Christmas can’t be far away. At this point I guess it’s only three days away to be exact. That also means that I only have a few days of standing out in the cold selling trees as well. Soon I’ll be able to relax again on weekends and stay nice and warm, though it was fun the day after it snowed trying to sled down the snow piles the plow made on trash can lids. I’ve been a little low on Christmas spirit up until yesterday when I finally did some online Christmas shopping. Getting gifts for my family seemed to jump start me a little bit. It actually helped more than decorating the tree did on Saturday. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be in full Christmas mood come Christmas Eve with everyone together having fun.

DDA’s closed on Christmas Eve so that everyone can get together with their families and celebrate. Up until then, everyone will be working extra hard and scurrying about to get everything done that needs to be so that all of our clients can have happy Christmases as well. Our video studio elves will be doing some video editing late into the night and our copywriting elves will be typing away on their keyboards churning out top quality commercial scriptwriting. Our programming elves are deep in thought thinking through the custom programming work and our graphic design elves are giving things the right look. As for Santa, I assume he’s just eating cookies until it’s time to deliver. He has to keep his figure you know.