Closing Time

Well, things have slowed down big time at the Christmas tree place. Yesterday we sold a grand total of 9 trees and probably won’t be much better today or tomorrow. Considering that we still have 64 trees left, we know that there is plenty of selection for anyone that does still need a tree. Of course at this point we are more than accommodating on price and on cutting down trees to the needed size just to try and clear the remaining inventory. The only problem is that most people have their trees already. We didn’t expect to sell out, but we’d like to still get down to 50 left or less if we can. I’m glad everything went well for our first try at maintaining the 46-year-old business. We’re thankful that nothing disastrous took place, since there are always worries of giant ice storms, theft, or just people not coming. In the end, most still trudged out to get a tree from us, some new faces appeared as well, and many were generous in tipping after we tied on their trees. We will soon be breaking everything down to store until next Christmas season. We’ll see what happens next year. Maybe we will manage to sell out completely or everyone will be too beat up to even give it another go.

At DDA, we are closing down too… for the Christmas holiday! Christmas Eve is the designated day off for Christmas here, so the building will be even quieter than usual until Monday. Once that Monday comes, DDA will be at full steam again, charging into the new year. We have many projects that will carry us through initially that involve everyone. We’ll need all graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, videographers, and animators to get these projects done. Luckily for DDA, we have some of the best in all of these positions. So we’ll all be busy in the new year working on the current projects, while we quote and sign on the new mystery projects of the future. Hopefully, the future will be plentiful.