Coat Time

This morning marked the first day of this new season where I had to wear a coat to work. Sigh. The warm days of sunshine and coat-less mornings may be gone for now while old man winter comes back to town. With winter, also comes the drives home in darkness. Sigh. Luckily this time of year is also riddled with all the best holidays. Someone must have done that for a reason. So get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I know I am.

I’ve actually been thinking that it is starting to feel like Christmas for several days now; so I personally have skipped the other holidays and am in Christmas mode. With Christmas, comes shopping for gifts, and advertising is the key to the consumers’ hearts. At DDA, we are ready to help your company get its product to the forefront of the market with our quality print advertising, Internet advertising, and television advertising services. We can make anything you can dream of since we are the Philadelphia advertising agency with the largest number of in-house services all under one roof. But you should call us as soon as possible to be ready for the holiday season, because as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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