Coding in Chunks

The YBML project is the largest scale programming project that I have ever had to work on. It also marks the first time that I will ever have to work on a programming project with a group. Sadly in college, our “team” projects in my programming class usually consisted of one person doing  programming, one person taking care of the presentation or report, and one person who managed to never show up to any meetings. This time there will be a team where everyone is working on the programming.

Since this is new to me, having to split everything up made me a little anxious, but I quickly came to like it. By discussing and figuring out which sections of the site could be secularized and which sections everyone would be able to do, we came up with a plan. I must say that it is awesome. Knowing or seeing a part of the site is coming together without actually working on it yourself is nice. Everything gets done much quicker and because we planned it, it won’t be very hard to put all the pieces together in the end.

It feels less slow moving when many people are involved and you can see everyday’s progress beyond your own. Go team USA and go team DDA!