Cold Cars

It’s been extra frigid over the past few days and the most evidence was seen through what was happening to some cars functionality. I haven’t noticed too much difference to my own body because I have covered it with so many layers and thermal coverings that I’ve become very insulated and protected from the cold. I guess I’ve become a little more used to it than before too. It seemed like we were thrust into the coldness in the earlier part of the season and we weren’t given any time for our bodies to acclimate to the new climate. Now though we’ve had a bit of a stretch of cold weather and have acclimated a bit.

Anyway, cars don’t have the option of layers and don’t really ever acclimate to the cold temperatures, but they do have their issues with the cold. For example, in the beginning of the week it was so cold that my lock wouldn’t pop up when I pressed unlock on my remote key. It was frozen down inside the door somewhere. I had to stick the physical key in and turn it to force the lock up. Then when I tried to open the door I was met with resistance and had to give it a real firm tug to open it. It seems that the window had frozen a bit to the rubber seal around the door opening. I’ve also heard a story this week of someone else having their window frozen so that it wouldn’t open. Of course there’s also the obvious issue of having frosted windows in the morning that need scraping. I also have an issue specific to my car where it starts to leak antifreeze in the winter as the engine parts shrink a little and a tiny seam opens. I just have to remember to refill my radiator about once a month or the first thing to go is my heat. I can tell you from experience that driving for an hour with no heat in the winter isn’t very fun. The defrost doesn’t really work well either in this situation and you can end up driving dangerously with a foggy windshield.

At least as I get to work I can be inside and forget about the frigid temperatures outside for the 10 hours that I’m there. I may be sometimes cold while I’m driving, but I will certainly be able to eventually thaw out at work. Once thawed my fingers become much more agile and my clicking and typing can hit a rapid pace. This allows me to do my database programming, flash programming, 3D modeling, and animation duties with precise excellence and a minimum of backspacing and fixing. It would certainly be hard to animate in 3D if you kept clicking by accident due to all the shaking from shivering. You would never get done. Luckily it’s not a problem and we can keep going through our work at a steady clip. You should take a look at what we’ve done by going to our portfolio of works. What you’ll discover is that we do a little bit of everything. If it’s some type of digital media service that you need, then I’d be willing to bet that we can do it for you.