Coldfusion and Flash

Flash programming and ColdFusion programming can work together but to be honest, the more involved you get with them the more you realize that they aren’t very friendly with each other. Tasks that would be simple in ColdFusion alone become coding nightmares when you need to pass 100 pieces of data to Flash. Each has to be assigned to its own variable and each has to then be passed individually. Then flash has to receive each piece of data individually and do whatever it needs to do with each. One quick loop in ColdFusion can become 4 long coding steps in the Flash/ColdFusion combo.

The other nightmarish problem for a programmer is no error messages! If something goes wrong in theColdFusion or in the data passing from page to page, you will just know that it didn’t work. You won’t know why. Flash can’t output the ColdFusion error messages. So the usual safety of seeing what line of code was the problem and a general message on what the error was are gone. You just have to keep going through every line with your own eyes and hoping you find something wrong and try to fix it. Missing a tiny apostrophe that breaks the application can drive you insane.

So ColdFusion and Flash do work together, but I suggest to keep it simple. Having Flash occasionally call ColdFusion pages is nice and neat, but making it do things that a database generally is needed to do isn’t something I would suggest.