If anyone has been watching or following The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, then you probably have heard about Colbert’s run for office in South Carolina and the transfer of his Super PAC funds to Jon Stewart. Even though it may seem like a mockery of the electoral system, it is actually meant to show what a mockery the rules for campaigning are in this country currently. As funny as what they are doing may seem, it is all legal. A Super PAC allows endless anonymous donations from individuals or corporations. These Super PACs can then distribute funds and run ads for whatever they want, so long as they do not collaborate with the person they are running the ads in support of. Every campaigner has one of these Super PACs loaded with money. The rest of the rules are pretty hard to enforce seriously as Colbert and Stewart have brought to light. It would be quite easy to steer the Super PACs in a certain direction without there being any evidence of doing so. When you find out who runs the Super PACs for these candidates you can see that these people are anything but strangers. So just like Colbert and Stewart who frequently see each other and talk, these candidates frequently will see each other and talk. They just can’t be caught obviously “coordinating” on how the anonymously donated funds should be used. The penalty for this though would only be a four to five figure fine, which could be paid for out of the Super PAC. You can’t make this stuff up.

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