Come Snow, Sleet, or Hail

The forecast for again more snow this weekend after an already record setting year is a downer for most. I think all will agree when I say, “Enough already.” Even those who enjoy the snow might be over it at this point when they take into account all the others things that go with the snow like shoveling, poor driving conditions, and parking problems. Large businesses will once again have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get their giant parking lots plowed. Plow workers will again be going sleepless until all the snow is cleared. While we are already off on Friday’s here, most other companies’ employees will have a hairy time commuting to work on Friday if the companies remain open at all. The only ones who wouldn’t mind another snow fall would be school students who get a shot at another day off on Friday. Nothing brings joy to a child’s face like a snow day.  I guess we will see how much snow we get when we all wake up on Friday morning. A good sign is that the predicted snow fall on the website I’ve been reading has gone down since yesterday. Maybe in two more days it will just be a couple of inches of wet snow being forecast. We can only hope.

Our 4-day work week serves many purposes and the snow days just bring out another advantage. Along with conserving energy by only running 4 days a week and saving gas with only 4 commutes a week, it also provides a built in make-up day if ever there is a snow or ice problem that cripples the roads. We can close down one day from Monday to Thursday and not worry about losing time since it can easily be made up on a Friday and still provide a two day weekend for rest. So whether the project is website design, 3D animation,  internet video, or print ad design, we have a better shot than most at getting it done on time throughout any extreme weather occurrences that one might see in the northeast.