Coming Together

The latest mini YouTube-like project is getting much closer to completion. There is still more of just about everything to do, but just less of each now. There is still flash programming, database programming, and the addition of more graphic design elements. This mini YouTube-like project differs from YouTube in one major way. We are using a Flash interface for most of the video viewing page. The player, the rating and views, the thumbnails on the side, and the pop-up search window are all in Flash. I suppose it has added the ability for us to incorporate a more sophisticated and colorful design scheme to the whole thing that couldn’t be achieved without Flash. So once it’s done it should be pretty cool.

The whole backend side is programmed and we just pulled in Reggie yesterday to help spruce that up to make it more user friendly. The functionality was already put in place by Amy, but the simple text list of links and it’s arrangement wasn’t very intuitive. So while she is away living happily on vacation, Reggie will make her admin section sparkle.