This weekend I made a compost area in our backyard as part of our saving money effort. While it may not seem like a money saving effort directly, it does contribute to the home fruit and vegetable garden plan along with the throw out our own trash plan. For the gardens, we will be able to use the compost eventually to provide a nutrient rich soil that will help to grow the best garden possible. For the throwing out our own trash plan, this measure will keep most of the stinky, mushy, and wet items out of the trash bags. This makes transporting the trash in your car easier and presents less danger of leakage and the stinky residue that goes with it. Along with these benefits, composting can also just keep more garbage out of the landfill where biodegradable items even have trouble decomposing when they are surrounded by all that non-biodegradable trash.

For this compost, I found a little area in a nook amongst some small bushy trees. I cleared out any plants and rocks in between and dug it out a little bit. Around the outside, I put a perimeter of large rocks and added a green wire fence that can somewhat blend in. Once it was finished, we ceremonially threw in the first item to decompose, which was coffee grounds from that morning. No one will even be able to notice that it is there in this nook until they walk up to it, so it isn’t an eyesore. I just hope we can get enough compost decomposed by planting time so we can use some rich soil this year.

The pioneering advertising agency, DDA, has enacted some cost-cutting/green practices too. Four-day work weeks cut down the energy bills and gas bills from commuting. They put in insulation to save on energy bills. They recycle. All these things from one advertising company may only make a minuscule difference in the big picture, but you have to lead by example and if all companies try a little harder it can make a big difference. So feel free to call DDA a green advertising agency and try to promote their example to other businesses. Even if it is only from a financial saving point of view, you can probably convince every company to make some positive changes that will help the environment.