Cool Flash Components

We recently purchased a 3D wall component for Flash to work with and it is pretty cool. It can display XML-loaded images in various cool 3-dimensional ways with animation and interactivity. It is similar to PicLens for those who are familiar with that.

This is my first time using a purchased component so it was a little different for me. I opened it up expecting to see a lot of Flash programming strewn about, but I couldn’t find any. There was no Actionscript 2 or Actionscript 3 anywhere. How then was all this Flash animation taking place. Well upon further investigation, I found that it was using a component and that it could be easily edited using the parameters panel. It was fairly self explanatory on what item changed what function and made the whole initial experience fairly pleasant. Now the harder part came when I wanted to edit some of the stuff in my own way, but I have found a way to do that with some modification of the XML and some actual programming with code. Nothing is finished yet, but when it is done people will be able to fully appreciate the 3D wall of photo interactivity.