Cool Inside

We are already having a heat wave and it seems fairly early for an occurrence like this. Just a few days ago it was in the 70s. Weather events like these can make you really appreciate having an office job with the almighty air conditioning.

I used to work outside and these would be the kind of days that really took a toll on me. I would usually be sweating buckets and sucking on a giant bottle of ice water, but now I can sit comfortably in the cool inside climate.

The same kind of deal goes for the other seasons as well. In winter, I would have been freezing and shivering outside, but now I can take off my coat and work in the snuggly warmth. There is also the occasional heavy rain in the other seasons that would leave me soaked, but now I can stay nice and dry while still being productive.

Being inside allows me to not have to think about how nature’s elements are torturing me and lets me focus on how to program the Actionscript for the Flash application I am working on, or how to fix the ColdFusion error that just popped up. It would be really hard to keep your mind sharp enough to be productive in this field if you were stuck outside sweating, or freezing, or soaking wet.

I can’t say that I don’t miss being able to move around and be outside when I work, but days like these make me remember why I like the office job more.