Creative Competition

I went to an Odyssey of the Mind competition with my girlfriend this weekend for filming and to support our team.  For those who are unfamiliar, Odyssey of the Mind can be loosely summarized as a creativity competition.  Upon visiting, you would see crazy costumes, outlandish props, super vehicles, lots of people, skits being performed, and much more.  The competition is for people from grade school all the way up to college that compete in one of four divisions and in one of five problems.  You can see the creativity from all of the kids overflowing and can see the potential for their future occupations.  Clues can be found in their creations like paintings and robots and in the skit itself where they may act or sometimes sing or play an instrument.  Artist, actor, engineer, author, programmer, public speaker, director and musician are a few things that come to mind as possibilities.

At DDA, you can see the creativity too.  Our animators, graphic designers, videographers, and scriptwriters get to show off their creativity everyday.  While Odyssey of the Mind is an open field to create, DDA work may be limited to being on a brochure, poster or television screen and have to deal with certain subject matter.  This makes it more of a challenge to find a way to stick out in the crowd.  DDA has been doing this for many years and knows that standing out is key in advertising, so that’s what we aim to do.