Creative Congregation

Well it’s that time again for me. It’s 24-hour Movie Marathon time and this should be the sixth installment if I am correct. Sadly for me, this time I do not get to pick a movie due to the luck of the draw, or unluck of the draw. Anyway, it should still be fun and the fact that the 6th marathon is now taking place means that I’m one step closer to the 7th one taking place where I should get to pick a movie again. I mean I already have it picked out, so I’ve been jumping out of my skin to actually watch it with the crowd.

I was thinking about the crowd that comes to these movie marathons and they are a diverse bunch, but all enjoy movies. Most of them are active participants in the rogue gang that films comedic shorts called “Shoot Shorts for Absolutely Nothing,” so it’s a mix of actors and videographers. Many of this group and many other visitors are current or graduate film majors. There are are also a couple animators, me being one of them. Another large portion of the group is that of musicians that comprise a couple bands. Then there are always the random friends or new visitors. It’s like a giant pool of creative people all gathered to watch movies.

The best part of having this talented group of creative people is watching the homemade video intros before all of their movie picks. Armed with the best video equipment, superior video editing skills, and loads of creativity, this group can make some high-quality and very funny videos. Of course everyone still specializes in their area of expertise. The musicians make funny music video spoofs, the animators use animation, and the actors act. I just know I’m always excited to see what they come up with in addition to what movies they will pick.

Side note: ABC News recently did a story on a movie called “The Room,” which has been deemed the best worst movie ever. This was voted the best movie at a previous movie marathon by us before the huge press. So yes, we know how to pick great movies to watch for fun and yes, that movie is that badly good.