Creepy Shadow

A friend of mine and some of his friends and connections were filming their own movie this weekend. Now it’s not a feature length film, but it’s not a short YouTube length clip either. It’s going to end up somewhere in the middle at around 20 minutes. They wrote it themselves and are going all out with the production. They have free use of a high school after hours and free use of the school’s vast array of video equipment. This is because two of the guys work for the school and that comes with it’s perks. That isn’t all though. They also are actually paying for music licensing fees so that they can use it in their movie and be allowed to distribute it if they get any buyers. Finally they are actually using a paid actor for once instead of an assortment of their friends. Of course many people are still doing it for free, but the main character is getting paid.

I was just there to help with odds and ends to support their goals and I was apparently the correct height to be a creepy shadow at one point. So if you can recognize my silhouette, you’ll be able to see my contribution to the movie. It’s more likely that you will just see a moving shadow though and think it’s scary. Actually it’s most likely that you will never see this movie at all, so don’t worry about it. I was there for one day and it was both long and enjoyable. I learned a lot about the filming process while watching and saw just how important all those extra lights can be for making a well lit shot. I saw them turn off the lights in a room just so they could light it all with their special lights and it looked great on the camera. I never would have thought of doing that. I probably would have just added more lights to the existing room light. I’ve seen this group get better and better at what they do over time and that’s cool. They are doing what they love and though they don’t get paid for doing it right now, it might pay off for them a lot in the future.

DDA has a video studio in the building complete with green screen, lights, HD cameras, microphones, a soundproof recording booth, a dolly, and more various video odds and ends. Our capabilities with video are constantly growing as technology grows and becomes more powerful. Our equipment and hardware isn’t the only thing that is faster, more advanced, and powerful. Our software is ever-evolving as well. We edit with the latest Adobe products in the Creative Suite 5 line and have used other cool software products to achieve some really cool effects like interaction with virtual environments. We can output the video to any method of delivery as well. From physical formats like DVD and Bluray to web formats like streaming video, we can make it however it needs to be. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. There are no limits with video.