Damage Report

My roughly 6-month-old new phone’s screen has cracked internally, leaving me with a mangled view of half of what’s going on. It’s incredibly frustrating when you get a text message that you can’t read and can’t call anyone who isn’t on your speed dial without looking up their phone number on Facebook or asking them in person. Seeing as I had just renewed my 2-year contract those 6 months ago, I still have quite a while of waiting before I can get another deal on a new phone. Getting a phone without a new plan is a fiscal nightmare. Even the simplest and oldest of phones easily top $200, which is something I just can’t afford. Refurbished phones are barely cheaper than that. So I am holding on for now with hampered abilities on this phone. It’s still got a great alarm and I can receive and make calls.  I just can’t see what I’m doing. I get glimpses of animation effects, the digital photography from the camera, and even the mobile video, but can’t actually tell what I’m looking at. Their lovely warranty does not cover physical damage, so that doesn’t help me at all.

With this phone’s construction I am starting to suspect that it was designed with this break in mind. The screen’s exterior covering is not a solid see-through plastic. It is a flexible plastic. On my phone, the only thing that broke was the inside screen. So if the phone is not on, it visually looks completely fine. Maybe if they would have made the outside protective layer solid, this wouldn’t have happened.  Why would they make it flexible other than to allow the inner screen to more easily take damage? I smell sneaky con-artists in expensive suits. It reminds me of iPods from those Apple con-artists. It was rare to see one of those first iPods go a year without a problem no matter how well you treated it.

All I know is that there’s no way I’m paying $300 for a replacement phone and in another year and a half I am definitely getting a flip phone again.