Fantasy football can be unpredictable like many things in life. You might be on top one day and be fighting for a playoff spot the next. Your team might look unstoppable with the points they put up one week and put up goose eggs the next. You might have a star player one week and just another guy on the injured reserves the next. You can move from the bottom to top or the top to bottom over the course of the season and it’s got plenty of surprises in store for the people involved. That’s what makes it fun though. If everything was cut and dry and drafting the best team meant you would automatically win, then it would be boring for everyone involved. There would be no reason to continue playing. Like life, there will be ups and downs and you can just try to be prepared for any of the downs should they come about. This may mean saving extra money in case of future financial need or hardship. It may mean buying all the types of insurance that you can get just in case. It may mean keeping up your healthy eating and exercise to try to prevent future problems that could arise.

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