Different Tastes

This weekend, I took part in our 4th 24-hour movie marathon. After the first one, it was changed so that people who were there until the end could all choose a movie to be watched during it. The new rule this time though, was that no horror movies could be chosen, and a new feature was added to let the people vote on the best and worst movie, best introduction, best food brought, and so on. The movie choices varied just like the people who were there.

The breakdown was roughly as follows: 4 sci-fi/fantasy, 3 musicals, 1 western, 1 documentary, and a few action and comedies. After seeing some people’s movie choices for a few marathons, you can sometimes get a sense of their personality or at least their tastes. One guy seems to always pick slow-moving, boring, strange animations, which always seem to be on the bottom of my favorites list. One guy picked a rap movie this time and rapped in an intro, which let me know that he is interested in rap music.

So everyone has their own tastes and personalities and it is reflected in their movie choices, just like the DDA staff reflects a piece of themselves in all of their work. While the graphic design and videographers/video editing people may have a more obvious visual impact of their own tastes, other workers’ personalities show through in different ways. Clients can get a feel for the Project Coordinators personalities from just communicating with them on the phone or through email.

Our copywriting crew can let some of their creativity shine through in their writing. Others may just be showing that they are punctual or perfectionists by having their work done on time or early or by having no mistakes for the proofers to find. Whatever it may be, there is a piece of everyone in each project they work on.