Director for a Day

I was able to use Macromedia Director on a project for the first time yesterday.

It wasn’t a new project, but it was an update to an old CD-Rom that was made on Director. While Director is very different in many areas, I have found that it also has many similarities with Flash. Luckily, the similarities were in things that are great advantages of Flash in the first place.

What Flash calls the library, Director calls the cast, but they are both generally the same thing and both have a great use. You can drag and drop any items from this list onto your stage as many times as you want. Then if you ever need to modify something in the future, like a logo, you can just edit the logo in the library and all of the instances of that item that you had dropped onto the stage previously will update instantly as well.

Technology like this is very useful and intuitive. It helps us to create stellar work here at DDA without using up unnecessary time on things that could take a while without the technology we have. Since we don’t charge for time that isn’t used up even if it is lower than the estimate, this efficiency in creating and updating projects translates into savings for the customer.