Don’t Blame the Weatherman

This weekend wasn’t all that the weather forecasts had hyped it up to be.  I was expecting more rain galore, but instead I got mostly sunshine and strong wind.  I’d probably classify it as a nice weekend overall.  It’s just another reminder that weather is not an exact science.  I don’t blame the weatherman for the bad weather nor do I applaud them for good weather because that is just silly.  They don’t control it.  They are just making educated guesses.  Guesses can be wrong.

At DDA, what we do isn’t an exact science either, but there isn’t any guessing involved.  If we are making something that requires custom programming, we will be able to test and test and correct to make sure all is working when delivered.  Other projects like graphic design and web design are based on client opinion.  We can’t be wrong because we won’t be done until you get a design that you like.  All projects are a combination of thorough proofing, testing, and client approval that let us know that we are not just guessing that the product will be 100 percent complete and not just guessing that the client will be 100 percent satisfied.

You can’t count on the weatherman, but you can count on DDA.