Don’t Go Live, Yet

The weekend has ended again and it was a nice one.  The kind that can give you a sunburn again.  The pool may still need a little time to warm up before I would dare get in, but the hot tub will do in the mean time.  This weekend also brought me bill-pay time for my student loans.  Oh joy of joys!  I’ve paid this many times before, but this one was different.  This time they made some changes to their website.  The first time I went to pay, the whole site was displaying a message that said the site was undergoing routine maintenance so I went about my other business.  After a few hours I returned to try again and it was back up with some shiny new revised features.  So onto view my new statement I went.  They had a drop-down box that said “Please select date” and a view button.  So I click the drop-down box to select my date and *POOF!* all the content disappears.  That’s not what it was supposed to do!  They weren’t available by phone on the weekends so I had to send an email about this issue.  Later at night, I tried again and it was up and running like it was supposed to.

The question is, why did they make the functionality live before fully testing it.  They must have still been working on it at some point to have fixed it.  They could have just left the maintenance message up until it was really ready and probably could have saved themselves a few annoyed emails.  I’d rather that then think this site turned shoddy.  Well I guess either way I’ll still have to pay my student loans.

The way DDA operates prevents all the things that went wrong with my student loan website.  The most important item number one that we all know is that nothing, nothing, nothing goes live on any site without being proofed by another worker or five.  It’s been ingrained in our heads from day 1 to always have someone else test, read, or just give opinions on anything that gets made through every step of the process.  You may want a programmer to try to break your code, a copywriter to check your grammar and wording, or a graphic designer to give their opinion on some visuals you made.  We have them all here available to do just that.

Item number two is that we never make any website live on Thursday into the weekend.  We have four day work weeks so we won’t be there Friday into Sunday.  So in the off chance that something would go wrong with your new site, we want to be available to correct anything ASAP.  That’s why our launches are only on Monday through Wednesday.  This may be overdoing it since our proofing process really eliminates any large scale disasters, but we think better safe than sorry.  Everyone sleeps better and stays happier this way.  For DDA’s clients it’s don’t worry, be happy, your new website will go off without a hitch..