Don’t Make it a Gamble

My dad has started a new kick of playing the lottery in hopes of a quick retirement. Yesterday he came home with his first ticket and of course it was a loser. I told him he is out $5 dollars and he told me that you can’t win without trying. Now we were both correct with our statements, but I like to think about the odds. Unfortunately the odds are that you will end up losing money by always buying lottery tickets. I have a friend who has been buying Powerball tickets every week since high school. I don’t know how much money that comes out to exactly, but it’s lost money that he could still have. If he would all of a sudden win a cash prize for that same amount of money he’s expended, he would be ecstatic.  When in fact, he could have already had that money the whole time and been gaining interest on it if it was instead put in the bank and never spent on tickets. Of course there is the person who does have that one-in-a-million luck and could easily make back any lottery investment with a giant win. To those few people, good for you. We all wish we had your luck. Until I see someone I know win it big, I’ll still think it’s a waste of money.

So if I think it’s a waste to play the lottery, of course I think it’s a waste to play the lottery when selecting a vendor or advertising agency. There’s no reason to put your company’s hard-earned money at risk with a gamble on some unknown, unproven company. Go with the companies who have a proven track record of success and satisfied customers. Go look at their portfolios of past work and see if it is high quality and would meet your company’s standards. Call up a past client or two to get their feedback and to get a feel for the work. Take a tour of their workplace and make sure it is professional and has all the best equipment. There are many things you can do to not make a gamble on your decision, you just have to act on it.

You can visit our many Internet portfolios full of animation, custom programming, web design, digital photography, corporate video, and more. You can read our many testimonials and virtually meet our staff. You could also meet our staff in person and take a tour of the building. There are many things to do to make sure you are not gambling on DDA.