Don’t Overlook Anything

Many things go into a website that you may not realize, and many companies do not provide all of these services for you. Sadly, you may not realize this until you have already signed a contract. You may have gone to a website design company and they could show you a still image of what your website will look like. That may seem fine and dandy, but what will happen when you actually want it to do the fancy stuff that programming can provide today? Do they have a Javascript programmer on staff? Do you want or need any contact or information request forms? Then you had better hope they have a PHP or Coldfusion programmer on staff. Do you want some sort of eye-catching animation to accentuate some details or a section of your site? Well then you better cross your fingers hoping that they have a flash animator on hand. How about some video? A videographer and studio better be part of that company.

Those are just a few questions that you may need to be asking a website design company before you sign any agreements. There are many things that people may forget or not realize that they need when they first say “We need a website.” Then by the time they do actually have the website finished like they really wanted, they have spent more time, more money, and have gone to more companies to get it done than they really needed to. Companies who don’t do certain website features won’t accommodate the ability to add those features either. So every time you have to switch companies to get something else done, some portion of the site will need to be redone to accommodate it and files will need to be passed from company to company. Talk about a headache. All they really needed to do was go to Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) in the first place.

DDA has the entire gamut of services that you could imagine and they are all done in house. Copywriting, videography, all types of programming, 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, web design, search engine marketing, and everything in between. Save yourself some time, money, and hassle by going to the place that can do it all.