Double Shovel

Yesterday I had the honor of shoveling my family’s driveway alone and also my elderly neighbor’s driveway with help. It was a solid day of shoveling. This snowfall had more substance than the last one as it left more total inches, but it was again that super light powdery snow that isn’t too hard to shovel. So it was no real trouble this time again. Drifting wasn’t too bad, though there was still some. Luckily the winds just weren’t so furious as they have been in past storms this year. The storm was over-hyped for our area, though the New England area got nailed with a monster blizzard of 2 feet plus. Now that’s a snow storm!

After all that shoveling and yellow stained hands from my gloves, I decided I might as well go somewhere. Work was closed so I decided to go swimming at the YMCA to thaw out nicely and pretend it was summer again. Hooray for heated pools! After flailing around for a while in the water I returned home and realized that as a bonus the super chlorinated water had gotten the yellow glove stains off of my hands. Hooray for chemicals!

We are back at work today and have a makeup day tomorrow for yesterday’s snow day off. Work isn’t like school was where if there was a snow day that day was just gone and forgotten. Oh well, I guess we’ll need that extra day to keep our projects on schedule and continue with 3D animation, advanced programming, copywriting, custom web design, digital photography, video editing and everything else. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. Snow day or not, we’ll get 4 days of work in.