This past weekend, we went to a drive-in movie somewhere near the middle of PA.  Drive-in movies used to be much more prevalent in the United States, but their numbers had steadily dropped.  This was probably mostly due to people not going because they didn’t want to deal with weather or bugs.  Modern theaters protect you from all the elements like rain, heat, cold, and bugs. Plus, they are always open in the winter.  Weekends like this past one though are perfect for drive-in movies and makes you long for more and wonder why so few are left.  It was a fun experience and the cool night air was a nice relief from the heat of the day.  The movie choices were also a little more slim than today’s theaters since there were only two screens.  The movies we saw weren’t the greatest things ever and weren’t not on my priorities list, but it was well worth the trip for the experience.

For the next week, watching any online video at work will just make me reminisce about the drive-in. I can’t say that programming or creating animation will have the same effect, but maybe I’ll just reminisce about it anyway.