Early Rising

The best part of a vacation or long weekend is getting to sleep in as late as you want. The worst part of coming back to work is having to get up early again. In a short span of time this weekend, I managed to switch from waking up at 6:20  in the morning to waking up at 11 a.m. That’s almost a 5 hour difference. I think I just naturally am supposed to sleep later. So switching back to the early wake-up time on Monday is always a little painful when the alarm goes off, but once I get to work and can get a little caffeine jolt in me, it’s just business as usual.

Waking up so early is a combination of my commute and the 10 hour days, but it all seems worth it whenever the Friday off comes around. DDA expects the highest standards of work on every one of our four days whether you are programming, designing, or copywriting, so that you can get that extended weekend every week and the business will still thrive. So when the weekend is here I will sleep as long as I want, but when the work week starts, I know it’s up and Adam and time for business.