Embrace Your Inner Techie

I run a lot in my spare time and I recently made a purchase that is fairly high-tech, especially since it is being associated with running, which is a very bare bones activity.

I purchased a watch/heart rate monitor/pedometer. This watch is made by Garmin, who is most known as a car GPS maker, but it has extended its reach and now offers its gps technology in a watch. Your run distance and speed is tracked by satellite; you can save directions of past runs and easily plot new routes and keep track of your heart rate on the fly.

My favorite function of this set, though, is the USB attachment. You leave the attachment in a USB port on your computer and when you’re done running and go near it, it will automatically download all new running data to your computer and log it into your online account for you to then review, analyze, and share whenever your would like.

Technology is our friend and can really make our quality of life better. It evens help the environment. Think of how many trees have been saved by using email for communication instead of postal mail. Think of all the technology that goes into making hybrid and electric cars.

DDA has known that technology is our friend since it began with a simple digitial camera in the early 1990s. DDA now offers a large variety of services in addition to digital photography like website design, programming, copywriting, video production, and 3D animation. DDA accepts technology as a welome addition to the world and every new technological breakthrough in our field gets our full attention.

Keeping up with the ever-changing technology scene is essential to staying on top and that’s where we plan to remain.