Encrypt to Protect

For many months now, we have been encrypting our Flash swf’s that we put online. This is because there is decryption software that can somehow reverse compile the swf’s back into the original Flash .fla file form. That means all the flash animation and flash programming we did would be easy to get to, steal and replicate. Since we do a lot of innovative applications involving tons of custom programming, this was a nightmare. I mean we aren’t a programming charity or a handy help file. We are a business. So giving up our programming trade secrets isn’t in our best interests. Anything that we can do that someone else can’t or hasn’t is another advantage in our corner. If all code was open source, it would just be a level programming field across the industry and the competition between businesses would be in price only for this area.

Luckily DDA preserves its advantages with encryption, but even if our code was easily viewable we would still have many other advantages in the business world. We have top notch graphic designers. Graphic design is a creativity talent and without “the eye” and skills with the software you could not compete. Graphic design is something you can see easily. It’s always on display, but using it for your own things is copyright infringement. You’ll have to buy or make something yourself. Another advantage we have is that we also offer tons of services, so when customers are looking for an advertising agency they can rest assured that everything they need can be done right here. That means one bill, one company to communicate with, and no problems with integrating any parts of a website or advertising campaign together.

So while we have a lot more going on for us than just custom flash programming, that doesn’t mean we will let one of our trade secrets be taken without a fight.