End of an Era?

I’ve previously stated my distaste for Apple and that still stands, as they have now put the kibosh on any hope of using Flash on their devices for good. Flash is made by Adobe, which is a company that I use the products of very often.

I mean I almost work exclusively with their suite of software every day. Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop are my mainstays. Flash was the one chance at a completely cross-platform, cross-browser standard item to develop with, but now with the substantial market that Apple’s iPad and iPhone have, no one is going to want to use Flash on anything because they’ll just have to pay to make another version of the website anyway for iPad and iPhone use.

Adobe was recently creating a converter to make Flash use on Apple devices easy to do, but after enough talk they realized that Apple wasn’t about to budge and work together with them on the issue. Apple claims Flash is too buggy. So Adobe stopped development and have moved on. It might be the end of an era for Flash. Over 98% of users have flash player installed on their computers, but they won’t even need it in the near future. I can see Flash development and use on websites taking a sharp drop over the next decade, if not, the next year. They say change is good, so hopefully this will at least bring more stable and faster websites on the Internet in the future.

Since Flash was so popular, countless websites out there are currently using Flash and cannot be properly seen on iPads or iPhones. Full interactive websites, elements, games, animations, video players, music players, and so many other things are made with Flash that many don’t even realize. These companies will need to convert their websites to get rid of all the Flash elements and replace it with advanced programming in HTML 5, static graphic design, or some other means. There are currently many things that Flash can do that can’t yet be replicated by HTML 5, so some fancier Flash websites will need to be completely rethought and redesigned for the iPad and iPhone to still have the same effectiveness and ease of use without the help of Flash.

Internet times are changing, so be ready to keep up and make your website iPhone and iPad compliant.