Equipped at Work

When a family member, relative, friend, or girlfriend ask me for a little help with a website or flash animation need, I will gladly try to help them to the best of my ability.  They know the great projects that I have been involved in at DDA by just checking them out at our portfolio. The problem is that I don’t have all the equipment at home that I do at DDA. DDA is always sure to stay current with the flow of technology and its evolution. HD video is fairly new, but it is the future. That is why DDA made sure to buy all new HD cameras to stay at the forefront of the technological age. At home I have no cameras, no Flash software, no Dreamweaver, and no Photoshop. In fact I don’t have much at all that enable me to easily pull off the quality work that I can when at my DDA computer. The most I can do is hard code HTML programming in notepad and upload through their hosting service. As far as graphic design changes and custom animation in flash, I can’t say I’ll be much help.