A videographer friend of mine, who also happens to be the one hosting movie marathons, does the film work for the high school he used to go to. This job gives him access to all the film equipment they have whenever he wants. I found out this weekend that it is this privilege that gets him a projector and giant screen to use to watch movies during our movie marathons. I thought it was something he owned, but he actually returns it every time after we are done. Apparently, they even have a full-blown student-run television station there too. That is something that my high school never had. It had a setup consisting of three high-quality cameras with teleprompters, sound proofed walls to keep noise out and prevent echoing, a lighting rig, and a full stage with green screen behind their news desk setup. My friend was able to use this as his own personal video studio for a bit to make some video introductions for him and others for an upcoming movie marathon next month.  I do not yet know what is going to be shown on the green screen when the video editing is done for any of the video introductions, but I can’t wait to find out. They are bound to be hilarious as usual. I don’t quite know yet what I will be doing, but I’m brainstorming.

DDA has its own in-house video studio as well, complete with all the fixings. We’ve made video magic in the past using the green screen, video editing, and some flash animation. Who knows what other cool creations we will get to make in the future? I don’t know, but I do know that there are countless companies out there that could benefit from a quality made video for use on television or the Internet. Check out our video portfolio at DDA Video to see some of our past works and get a taste of what you might be able to have done for you.