Everyone’s doing it

Flash is my favorite Internet tool. Almost everyone has the capability to use it. It’s been tossed around that 99 percent of Internet users have Flash installed on their computer and will be able to view it. Even if they don’t, you can link them to it and in a matter of seconds they too will be able to view the Flash.

To do this, we use swfobject.as actionscript that you can find for free on the web that checks whether it is installed for you and can display a download message if it isn’t. For a user it is easy to join the majority and view Flash. And why wouldn’t they? At DDA, we utilize Flash animation and actionscript programming to make our sites as unique, innovative, and user friendly as possible. Who would want to miss out on the awesome interactive experiences that Flash can provide? No one should.

I’m assuming that the 1 percent of people who don’t have Flash, are probably not avid users of the Internet and might only know how to check email. Anyone who is anyone and uses the Internet regularly has Flash. You should too. Though I am assuming that if you are reading this blog you already have it whether you realize it or not.