Everything Needs Maintenance

I scheduled my return trip to the inspection station so that they can check out the car to make sure that everything is now in order and so I can get my official inspection sticker to carry me through another year. I consider it a proofing of my work, much like we do here all the time.

Even though inspections are a major pain on the wallet and in general, I think they are a necessary requirement to keep people driving safe vehicles and keeping everyone safe on the road. Everything needs inspections because things get old and worn down over time, even websites. Websites may not really get “worn down,” but they certainly can get old. Many top websites do complete overhauls on a year-to-year basis and are always adding new features to their site’s functionality. Yahoo recently overhauled its homepage. Google revised its search engine ranking process. DDA totally overhauled the DDA Medical website.

Many things can be done to keep your website up with the times. Things to prevent spam and increase security like captcha forms. Custom programming tricks could be added to make navigation easier for the user. A web design overhaul can give your site a new, fresh look. Some flash animation could give your site some spice or attract a user’s attention to a certain new item you’ve added. There are many options to consider just don’t do nothing and let it sit dormant for 5 years. Could you imagine still using a website that was made 5 years ago. They now look archaic in comparison and don’t have any of the interactivity of sites from today. I can only imagine what websites will look like 5 years from now, but I know that in 5 years, today’s websites will pale in comparison in one way or another.