Evolution of an Idea

The top secret YBML project has been moving along at full speed for the past few weeks and after yesterday’s meeting it will be taking a new visual turn. The day before there was also a functional addition. This project is going through its growing phase as all projects do.

It is easy to just come up with ideas. I could come up with an idea per day that has potential, but making the ideas turn into reality is the hard part. It is hard to envision in your head all of the little things that can make an idea not work when you come up with it. Even with planning there may be some problem areas or opportunities that go initially unnoticed. That is why projects grow and evolve. As issues arise, things made need to be changed or added to fix them. New ideas that can enhance the project may need to be accommodated. It’s all part of the process. You shouldn’t leave too much to chance though. An initial planning and review of an idea should be able to ensure the main concepts are feasible.

While the growing and evolving of a project is part of the process, it also brings along another issue that I heard mentioned in college a lot. That term is scope creep. It basically means that you are reaching out to do too much. If the project loses its main goal and focus, it will become too broad and probably lose sight of the initial idea while just adding more and more time to the expected completion date. That’s why scope creep is such an important thing to watch out for. If you give time estimates to a client for completion and you let the project scope get out of hand, you may not finish the project on the expected date and you may end up going way over the cost estimates you gave to the client.

So while you shouldn’t be afraid to make modifications along the way, you should also keep the main goal in sight.