Explore and Enjoy

I started working on a new DDA in 60 seconds commercial. This one will look very familiar since it is the same actual video, but this time it happens to be starring you. We are using Flash animation to animate a webcam’s streaming video output around the commercial. So if you have a webcam, you’ll be able to see your own face in a bubble interacting with the already made DDA in 60 seconds commercial. Or, if you would like, you could watch your hand in the commercial, or your mother, or even your favorite stuffed animal. Anything that you could film on your personal webcam could be what you see in the commercial.

You will get a choice to watch it with or without your webcam, so if you’d still like to watch the original web video without the webcam footage or if you just don’t have a webcam you can still enjoy the original awesome commercial. I will not estimate a release date since it is fairly busy around here, but I will just say to look for it in the future.

Since the webcam footage in a video is not out yet, I’ll say it is just one of the many things we will have done. There are lots of other things we have made that can help you bide your time. We have the DDA Carnival, which is full of little mini games that show off our project portfolio in new ways. There is Inside-out Man, which is our 3D animated short about a suicidal superhero with his internal organs on the outside of his body that was thought up and voiced by David himself. There is also YouBetMyLife.com where you can share your own story or bet on the outcomes of others people’s stories to win a T-shirt. There is DDA coffee where you can make your own personalized cup of virtual coffee. You can’t exactly drink it, but you might feel like you can almost smell it. There is the Digi-Islands where you can explore a virtual group of islands and see what’s going on. There is a shooting game where you can literally target your keywords and a boxing game where you can make a character go punch drunk. If you get through all of that stuff, you can always just peruse our website. It is gigantic and we are constantly trying to expand it. Have fun!