Exposure to New Ideas

Working in an advertising agency has allowed me to see many things before most people, and some things that I may never have heard of otherwise.  Numerous consumer products have come through here that I got to learn about before the general public, just because we, the advertisers, are the one who are responsible for spreading the word to the public.

Many more things it seems are industry specific and I would never have gotten to learn about them otherwise.  Military first aid products, floor burnishers, and medical supplies are just some interesting products I’ve had the opportunity to learn about.  I really enjoy when one of the unknown innovative products come through our Philadelphia advertising agency.  One product before was a tool to help doctors insert medical tubing into people’s throats while protecting themselves from a harmful bite, and more recently I’ve seen a new type of condom that takes all the trouble and confusion out of putting it on.

Americans are really innovative and with our help they can spread the word about their new useful products.  Plus, we really can help with all aspects of the business since we also do all types of graphic design and printing, website design and development, copywriting, search engine marketing, videography, animation, and programming too.  Come to us and we’ll spread the word.