Facebook for Companies

Facebook has really expanded from its original roots of just being a social network for college students. It expanded to allow high school students and working people. This means that now your younger sibling and your parents could be on facebook too. I’ve already seen it happen to some of my friends.

Now it has grown even further after opening itself up to outside developers. It is full of new applications for anyone to add to their own account that do many various things. From super walls, to graffiti, to free gifts and Harry Potter spells, it has them all. Also a new addition is the ability for companies and businesses to create their own pages to showcase their products. These types of accounts are completely separate from a normal user’s account, but give you the ability to list whatever you have. Product pictures, videos, descriptions, store hours, locations, website URL’s, and even categories of your own creation can be shown here. DDA is currently creating one of these pages for a current clients that sells charms. Again our range of services has expanded. This time it is into the world of social networking. If your business needs its own facebook page, we can help you with that now too.