Fahrenheit 01001101

Projects here are always evolving and at times that can be depressing. You may spend numerous hours making what was agreed upon at a previous meeting only to watch in the next meeting as people change their minds or come up with something new and scrap the thing you worked on entirely. I just successfully made a nice tagging system which people seemed excited about originally, but now it has been scrapped and different programming has to be done in exchange for a new custom programming function that people again seem excited about.

Even though this is the right process to go through to come out with the best final project, I can’t help but feel a little sorrow every time I have to scrap or change something I already made. My little creations didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not their fault. How sad it is that these innocent, harmless programs must now be deleted or chopped up into fragments of their past selves. What a cruel world.

They warn you before you get into the advanced programming business that it’s a tough job physically and emotionally. They said I would see viruses wipe out entire hard drives, worms inflicting collateral damage on people’s files, and many upstanding programs falling to evil hackers and the harsh reality of change and advancement. I knew this when I joined the team, but it’s harder than I thought to look into a program’s eyes and lie to it when you say “Everything is going to be OK”.