Falling into Fall

The cold rain with a strong cold wind over the past few days is just the type of weather that I hate the most. It’s the kind of weather that can really soak you to the bone and make you cold inside and out. It’s commonly referred to as being miserable out. When someone says it’s miserable out you can almost guarantee that it’s a dreary and rainy day. The coldness of late is only the icing on the cake to make it extra miserable. Luckily we seem to be on the way out of the mess though as the week moves on. By Friday it should be warmer and rainless so it would definitely qualify as a nice autumn day to take a stroll outside amongst the falling leaves. You’ll really be able to bask in all the colors and smells of Fall. Now Fall may just smell like a pile of dead leaves, but for some reason that is a very familiar smell that brings back many childhood memories and takes some of the sting out of the new coldness. While I may miss Summer, the feel of Fall will always still be welcome. I mean what could make Summer better anyway than a long cold stint through the Fall and Winter months. It makes you appreciate the warmth outside. Following the leaves will be the Winter snow and generally the string of holidays can make that whole freezing time fly by and be more tolerable.

At DDA it is evident that it is fall. Since our parking lot is surrounded by trees, you can see piles of leaves collected in spots where the wind blew them. If you see any of us pulling out, you will also likely see a flurry of leaves flying off our cars as we accelerate down the street. Indoors it is business as usual in the “busy season”. The staff scurry about like leaves in the wind to head to meetings and to their offices. We click and type away at things like copywriting, Flash animation, advanced programming, graphic design, and more. Just another day in the office at DDA. Give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.