Fantasy Football Begins

This weekend we had our fantasy football draft for the upcoming football season. We have it in person at one guy’s house and eat lots of food during it. There was something this year that was different though. This year we seem to have taken a leap forward in technology.

Previous years were much simpler in there execution. When we would be choosing the players, one guy would be writing the official picks on giant sheets of paper with a big magic marker. By the end of the draft, we would have 15 giant sheets of paper taped to the wall. Afterwards, someone would have to take these giant sheets and enter all the information into the Yahoo fantasy football league we had set up. I’m sure the bulkiness of them did not make it easy.

This year we used technology to our benefit. An excel spreadsheet was created on a laptop and all of the picks were entered onto that as they were made. The laptop was then connected to the big TV that was hanging on the wall and all the data was displayed there. The wall of paper sheets had been minimized to the size of a TV.

Once everything was over, the data would again have to be entered into the Yahoo fantasy football league. This time it was done before we even left with the help of a second laptop. One laptop had the picks and the other was used to enter the data. There were no giant bulky papers to sort through and the process was over very quickly.

Let’s also not forget that using this technology is actually helping to save the environment, or at least not hurt it. By not wasting all of that paper we are not wasting trees. Being green is something that technology can help us with now and in the future. DDA knows this and as a technological and environmentally friendly company, we are striving to be as green as we can. From the 4-day work weeks, to the new insulation, to reusable rags in the kitchen, DDA is doing its part to keep our Earth healthy for us to live in.