Finally Fixed

Now, the conclusion to my car repair venture. Exactly one week later from when I had first dropped off the car, I was able to pick it up in tip top condition. Friday to Friday. If you recall my last blog, they had told me that it would be done on Wednesday. Yet again they were incorrect and the waiting was to continue. After another repair had been undertaken, the squealing noise had remained. They said they called Ford directly and played the noise over the cell phone to try and get their opinion, but Ford told them they had tried everything they could think of and more. He said they could keep trying things, but they would only be guesses. So I said that there was no use in guessing and to put it all back together and I’d pick it up.

About 10 minutes later I got another call. It was them again and this time he said they fixed it. I was stunned. All this time and repairs over days and days and they fixed it suddenly in 10 minutes?! Was he serious? He said that a mechanic had a hunch and checked some part that feeds the oil into the engine. It was clogged, so he unclogged it and put it back on and the squeak was gone. The squeak was from the engine not getting oil, not any belts or the other things they tried that were complicated fixes. In fact, this part was very easy to access. A new one costs 1$2 dollars and with labor to put it in there is no way the final cost would go over $50 dollars. I had my dad talk to him to determine if I needed a new one or not and my dad told him to order it since it was so cheap and he would put it in himself since it is so easy to get to.

So I went to pick it up on Friday and they said they got the part and already put it in. They were not going to charge me for any of the labor costs and would only charge for the parts they put in. They had replaced every belt and pulley in the car. Those were relatively cheap, but there was one other part that was over $200 dollars. All together the parts cost 4$45 dollars. Now it is way more than I should have paid if they got it right the first time, but on the bright side I got half my engine’s moving parts replaced with no labor charge. With most of those parts the labor is the main cost anyway. So hopefully that will make the car last twice as long as it would have. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself to suppress my rage.

The car place made mistakes and they knew it so they were fair and didn’t even try to charge me for labor. DDA has a similar practice. We will give you a quoted time, but only charge you for the time it actually takes us to make it. So if we quote a project at 80 hours and it only takes us 60 hours, then you will only get billed for 60 hours. Quoting on projects that aren’t template driven can make quoting a difficult thing to get exactly right, so we are fair about it. This goes for any type of project we do from 3D animation, to corporate video, to advanced programming, to graphic design and more. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you today.