Finish Efficiently

A new project has popped up with a really tight budget and so much to do.  It’s supposed to be an interactive and informational tool for people to view and we have planned out many unique components to implement into it, and yet I’m already hearing the time checks being called out.  It just started the other day and it seems like we are already in a crunch.  It’s a little bit to stress over, but we will just have to all be efficient as possible and I’ll have to pull out all the special Flash animation tricks that I know, to get cool looking effects in a minimal amount of time that I can.

Budgets and deadlines are our only enemies here at DDA.  Otherwise if you would give us unlimited time and an unlimited budget, we would end up churning out the Mona Lisa of websites with all the flair and bells and whistles and interactivity that one could imagine.  Countless pages of optimized content, streaming video everywhere, and the most advanced programming in every nook and cranny would all be part of your site.  Seeing as that never has happened and never will happen though, we have instead become experts in giving the most bang for the buck in the time that we have been allotted.  We aim to be super efficient and know all the software tricks and shortcuts that (if it’s possible) can make a seemingly daunting task take mere minutes.